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Summer Colds Disrupt our Podcast

Ugh. Rita and I have been out with nasty summer colds. She got it way worse than I did, and is still kind of getting over the coughing part of it. She got the full blown migrane, jaw aches, sinus infection, sore throat and then upper respiratory version. I got stuffy, sore throat, bit of a hacky cough for a few days and it left me. I am too evil for sickness to prevail. Rita on the other hand is sweet and kind and the bugs just love her. Even the flying kind. I could walk through a room filled with mosquitos and not get bitten. Rita walks outside for 10 seconds and gets all chewed up. They love her.

The colds have affected our ability to do the Prehensile and Gretel podcast. So forgive us, we are a week or so behind. Now work has become demanding and we are targeting some production time later this week and over the weekend. We did not give up already. Just starting to have fun. But it would have been a pain for you to listen to given the rugged sound of Rita’s voice. Will be back on track soon. Promise.

It reminds me of a zillion years ago when I worked at a cheap-ass radio station in the great white north. I’m not one to get sick very often, but when I do, it really fucks me up. I had the morning show and had to start at about 5 AM or some ungodly hour. I came down with some hideous virus that took me out. I couldn’t even talk. Couldn’t even get a croak out. So I had to take a few days off. Now mind you, this radio station paid absolute shit and the working conditions were no better. There’s a whole story about my leaving that place which I can get into later, but let’s just say that the program director at one point actually said: “If you cared about your job, you wouldn’t have gotten sick during the ratings period.” I don’t think I said anything, as I was too stunned at the abject stupidity of the statement. But I thought: “Fuck you.”

The longer story involves farting fat women and family businesses, but I have to get some rest now. Watch for the podcast soon!

Phil Reebius

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