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I am a frequent reader at the Tamale Hut Cafe Reading Series. This is in the near western suburbs of Chicago. Good crowd, welcoming atmosphere, and plenty of writers, both new and experienced, sharing their latest works. This is really like a writer’s community and very worthwhile if you’re looking for a venue to test the waters. There is also a writer’s group associated with this event, meeting each month to discuss works, share opinions and offer advice. Probably the longest running such series in the burbs, now in its 9th year. Check it out…

Another nice reading series in the western suburbs is held monthly at the Clarendon Hills Public Library. The “No Shush Salon” is worth checking out, as you can hear a variety of styles as well as a wide range of interests. This one is still in its first year or two so plenty of opportunity to read. They also do featured reader nights, followed by open mic. I have had the privilege of being a featured reader at this event.


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