Who writes the spam comments that get thrown at WordPress blogs? I think this would be a great job, just sitting around writing bullshit that a bot will attempt to post to random blog postings as comments. I’ve also noticed that over the years, the bots are more sophisticated. Instead of just trying to post links, now they disguise the spam as a “helpful comment” along the lines of “great post, you should buy my shit,” or “great post, you should try this miracle shit.” It’s pretty much the same thing but I love the terrible language. I offer this to the world:

“Hello, this is a great post and I am pleased to make your greetings, knowing most of your aptitude and coordinated responses from joy. Has blog creation been many work events or has your pleasantness of sharing your knowledge addressed most needs? Try new feelings and engagement with me for the future with services to help your get noticing and numbers boosts. Also hot women for your pleasure if desired times of peacefulness are planning this season of joy.”

There. Anyone can do it.

Thank you Akismet!

-Phil Reebius

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